Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Restoration Island on German TV


Dave has just appeared in 6:33 minute video (above) which appeared on Weltspeigel program on German ARD television. The video is in German, but gives a good idea of the beauty of Restoration Island.

You can see more images Click Here


  1. Keep on truckin, Dave. I just saw your piece with Ben Fogle and it was fantastic. I not only envy your lifestyle but I envy your mindset. I hope to one day as driven and motivated as you are. I hope that you find everything in life that you're looking for. Stay strong man and I can't wait to see how your story plays out.

    Good luck Dave,


  2. Is he still alive? This blog has not been updated in a long time.

  3. Hi Dave, I've been reading about your fascinating story, and I'd really love the chance to chat to you about a new travel documentary we're making for the Discovery network. Perhaps you could drop me an email? flora.stewart(at)iwcmedia.co.uk Thanks!

  4. Hello Dave,I ,and many others would love to know how you and your island home are doing these days.
    Many thanks

  5. Hey Dave, hope you and your dog are doing ok! I want to visit your island! Can you let me know more info! Rick from Austin,Texas !!!!!!!

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