Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Restoration Island on German TV

Dave has just appeared in 6:33 minute video (above) which appeared on Weltspeigel program on German ARD television. The video is in German, but gives a good idea of the beauty of Restoration Island.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The New Republic Magazine, Sept 4 2013

This article appeared a while ago, but it still makes great reading.

This Man Moved to a Desert Island to Disappear. Here's What Happened
by Kent Russell, New Republic Magazine New York, Sept 4, 2013

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Once again featuring the great photographs of Brian Cassey

Floortje Dessing Films Dave for Dutch TV

3 Op Reis (3 On Tour) Dutch TV Show, 23-01-2014

In the far north-east of Australia Floortje Dessing visit the 69-year-old David Glasheen on Restoration Island. David lived here for over twenty years by himself on an otherwise uninhabited island.

Floortje flew 4,000km from the Netherlands to Sydney. From here, she had to take a small plane to Lockhart River, then a small boat to visit Dave on his tropical island.

Floortje is Holland’s best known travel show presenter. She’s been travelling the world extensively since 1999, and has visited a great many destinations since. She currently she hosts “3 op Reis” (3 On Tour) for what will be it’s seventh season.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Revealed with Hugh Riminton

UPDATE! 22-10-13 Dave will be featured on Australian TV at 9:30pm AEST, Thursday 24th on Channel 10. He will be featured on "Revealed with Hugh Riminton". You can watch it after it air online by clicking this link.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ben Fogle on Restoration Island

4-9-13: Dave has just been featured on the front page of the New Republic magazine in the US in a great article by Kent Russell. You can read the article by clicking on the link below.

"This Man Moved to a Desert Island in Order to Vanish. Here's What Happened"

To all those who were moved by Ben Fogle's TV documentary "New Lives In The Wild" on Chanel 5 in the UK and the New Republic article, and want to help him in his battle to remain on the island I've set up a crowd sourcing donations page here ....

The donations go directly to Dave, and he wishes all those that make donations to know he is grateful for their help. If he reaches his goal and can buy out the owner of the head lease the island will eventually be returned to the aboriginal people of Lockhart River.


Mr. Cheyenne Morrison - The Islomaniac


What would it be like to live a Robinson Crusoe existence on a tiny tropical island? Adventurer Ben Fogle finds out for the first of a series where he stays with people who have re-made lives in remote, wild corners of the earth.

Ben Fogle's "New Lives In The Wild" on Chanel 5

Each week, Ben spends time in one of the world’s most remote locations, meeting the people who now inhabit these inhospitable corners of the planet after leaving their ordinary lives behind.

Restoration Island, Australia

Former Sydney businessman, Dave Glasheen (69) lost $10 million in a single day in the stock market crash of 1987. He and his wife separated and his home was repossessed. With his last savings, Dave bought the lease on part of Restoration Island - and it's here he's learned to live like a voluntary castaway. This real-life Robinson Crusoe and his sole companion, dog Quasi, inhabit a 100 acre volcanic island. It's a 40 minute boat-ride away from Lockhart River - the most remote indigenous Aboriginal population in Australia. Ben learns to oyster pick, brew beer, trade fish and dance with the locals in one of the world's last remaining genuine wilderness areas.

We discover a man who lost everything once, but is set to lose it again - Dave is being evicted from his island home and is doing everything he can to stay. To see the full story Click Here


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dave & Quassi Looking For A Partner

Image: David Glasheen and Quassi © Brian Cassey http://www.briancasseyphotographer.com/

As has been reported in The Huffington Post (USA), the Sunday Mail (Australia), The Telegraph (UK) and the Daily Mail (UK) Paris Match (France) David Glasheen lost his Queensland Supreme Court case which was bought by the majority shareholder of the company that owns the head lease of Restoration island. He has the right to appeal the judgement, and is seeking pro bono legal advice. 

Dave's only chance to stop being evicted from his island paradise is to find a buyer who can pay out the majority shareholder of the company that owns the head lease, which would allow Dave to remain on the island as a caretaker. The current lease ends in 2039, but Dave has excellent and long-standing contact with the Kuku Yau People, the traditional owners of the island, who would support a new 99 year lease. They would welcome and support the development of a resort on the island, which would bring much needed employment and investment to the area.

David Glasheen and his faithful companion Quassi the dog has been featured around the World, on Channel 9's A Current Affair twice on January 6, 2009 & July 31, 2009, The Today Show Channel 9, The New York Times, Fox News USA, Radio 2GB Sydney, The Sunday Times UK, 60 Minutes Australia, The Sunday Telegraph, The Herald Sun, Faut pas rever on France's TV3, he has even been the basis of a book "Miranda" by the author I.A. Curtis.

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Restoration Island or “Resto” as she is called by the locals sits just off the east coast of Cape Weymouth, on the tip of Australia’s Cape York. The island is located at Latitude: 12° 37' 0 S, Longitude: 143° 26' 60 E, 1928 km northwest of Brisbane and a few hundred metres from Cape Weymouth and the Iron Range National Park, on Queensland’s Cape York. Restoration Island is fringed by reef and beaches and has unique and safe anchorages for vessels from both the south easterly and north westerly winds.

This picturesque and historic island with its tall palm trees swaying in the wind above sugar-white beaches, and surrounded by pristine coral reefs is the epitome of a tropical island paradise. Aptly named “Restoration” Island it naturally conjures up castaway dreams on a tropical isle, the ultimate get-away for rejuvenation of the body and soul. This tiny green oasis floating in the South Pacific is cooled by the winds, and surrounded by wild windswept beaches shaded by swaying coconut palms. The sea, sunshine, the sound of the surf and the cries of the sea birds are your only company.

The island has a great deal of history attached, being named by the famed Captain Bligh of the mutiny on the Bounty. On 29 May 1789, after the mutiny on the Bounty, Captain Bligh and the men who remained loyal to him arrived on the island in the ship's boat. This was the first island they came to, and he named it Restoration Island because the food they found (oysters and native fruits) greatly restored their spirits and because that date was the anniversary of the restoration of King Charles II (in 1660). For more details of the island’s fascinating history CLICK HERE

The island has also been visited by other celebrities such as Errol Flynn, and Russell Crowe visited the island on his honeymoon. To read the full story CLICK HERE


There is an existing development approval in place, and the local Lockhart River community has given its full support to the development of a resort on the island. The island would be ideal for a variety of purposes:
  • Private retreat
  • Boutique Eco-Resort
  • Private Residences Club
  • Diving/Fishing Resort
  • Health Spa (the name is ideal)

Upon receipt of written expressions of interest (full name, address and contact details). Bona Fide investors will be supplied with a detailed report on the island and the surrounding area, as well as a report on comparable private island developments world-wide.  

Contact David Glasheen via email at restorationisland@gmail.com


The dictionary defines island as “land surrounded by water”, but no island-lover would ever allow such a commonplace description to detract from the romantic sound of the word and all that it conveys to the imagination. Islands, like emerald yachts on a powdered sapphire sea, are places of magic, for there is something unpredictable about an island. Owning your own island is the dream of many people looking to get away from it all. Surrounded by water the wind, sand, and the occasional sounds of nature, you can sit back and relax without worrying about the everyday problems of land people. If you choose the right island, you can escape the madness of modern society for no more than you'd pay for a really nice big (really-really nice and really-really big!) house on the mainland.

There is nothing more exclusive and sought after in the world than having your own private island, it becomes effectively you own little kingdom. From Riccardo Montalban's Fantasy Island to Dr. No's Crab Key, private islands are exactly that - private. Most individuals buy islands for their personal retreat, and dozens of celebrities own their own private islands.

An island offers absolute privacy because it is surrounded by water, and in a recent case in Britain Elle McPherson won a judgment against a magazine for invading her privacy because she was on the 'private' island of Mustique in the Caribbean.

On the 7th day God stopped making Islands! It’s true though, islands are a limited commodity, and offer an incredible investment as they appreciate rapidly. Demand is a so an important factor. Indeed, the supply-demand balance is perhaps much more significant than for other real estate as one cannot just create another island.  Good islands don't come cheap. Islands are like diamonds and are a unique one-of-a-kind investment. Over the last 10 years the price of islands in the Caribbean has increased by up to 300%, that’s over 30% per year, a great investment in any terms.

Most Australian private islands are on a 99-year lease. Freehold islands are quite rare, especially in the state of Queensland, because as far back as the 1930’s the Queensland Government recognized the value of the Great Barrier Reef Islands and allowed only a handful to be converted to freehold status. Private islands are extremely rare in Australia, and Queensland in particular, and prices reflect this.


Accessibility is all important on an island, and Restoration Island would have to be one of the most accessible private islands on the Great Barrier Reef. There are daily flights to Lockhart River, and from there a picturesque 40km drive takes you to Cape Weymouth where it is less than 1 kilometre by boat to the island. The island has an all weather anchorage, sheltered during most weather, and accessible at high or low tide. Access to the island from Lockhart River can also be 20 kilometres by boat.


The island has immediate proximity to some of the best tourism sites in the world, most notably The Great Barrier Reef. Here is a small sample of the nearby attractions accessible from the island.

Portland Roads: The jetty at Portland Roads was built in about 1938/39 to service the gold mining activities at Batavia Goldfield (later called Wenlock) and the Iron Range area. It was 810 feet long to reach the deep water. A tramline ran out to the wharf (60 ft x 30 ft) at the end of the jetty. There was a shed located on the wharf. During WWII this small town was a hive of activity as the Americans used it as a forward base to fight the Japanese. In 1942 the US Army built two 7,000 feet runways and 13 miles of sealed taxiways within 3 months, this is where the existing Lockhart River Airport now stands. Gun turrets and bunkers can still be seen, enshrouded by vegetation in the hills of the town. There are only 8 houses at Portland Roads and another 3 at nearby Cape Weymouth.

Chilli Beach: Chilli Beach is wide and long and fringed with palms – a truly magical spot overlooking Restoration Island, ideal for fishing, camping or beachcombing. 4km of dazzling white sand fringed by towering coconut palms right down to the high-water mark, tropical perfection With a fishing hotspot estuary at one end, you can drive it at high tide.

Lockhart River: A great trip to this remote aboriginal community famous for its art, a chance to buy art direct from the artists.

Diving: Thanks to its remote location and brief dive season, Queensland's Far North, off Cape York Peninsula, is an experience only a few lucky divers get to have with untouched and pristine sections of the Great Barrier Reef, offering unparalleled dive sites.. With water temperatures around a pleasant 23°C to 30°C (73°F to 86°F) snorkelling, swimming and diving are ideal year round. Enjoy crystal clear water and visibility that in parts reaches 70m (230ft) making the snorkelling in untouched coral gardens and diving spectacular for viewing shipwrecks and underwater canyons, coral reefs and a stunning variety of reef fish.

Nearby Restoration Island is the Southern Detached Reef which has been voted one of the Top Ten dive sites in the world.  This gorgeous reef crowns the remnants of an undersea mountain that has its genesis on the seafloor more than 3,000 feet below, and silver-tip sharks and dogtooth tuna cruise the deep blue. At shallower depths, you'll find giant clams and pufferfishes. Divers will see turtles, reef sharks, eagle rays, pelagic fish and occasional manta rays cruising the walls which encircle Southern Small Detached Reef. These walls, which drop to beyond 100m, are festooned with a spectacular array of corals, large gorgonians, long sea whips, spike soft coral trees and sponges, which provide shelter for hosts of multicoloured reef fish. Gorgonian sea fans bedeck the walls and overhangs. In the relative shallow areas they may grow to over 2 metres in size. Down deep on the ridges at 40 to 50 metres they are like gigantic gardens, arcing out into the currents. They fade away into the shadowy the depths as far as the eye can see. Visibility averages a reliable 60 to 100 feet and often soars to more than 150 feet.

Sailing: The island would make an ideal base for sail or motor boats to explore the untouched wilderness of Cape York and the remote and pristine islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Fishing: Game-fishing charters from the island would be ideal with world-class Marlin, Tuna and Swordfish. Or you can join the locals along a deserted beach and enjoy a good book with a long line!

Kayaking: The surrounding area with its clear, calm and sheltered waters, many islands and spectacular scenery could become a haven for kayaking, and guests could visit remote uninhabited islands with white sand beaches such as the nearby Forbes Islands.