Monday, October 21, 2013

Revealed with Hugh Riminton

UPDATE! 22-10-13 Dave will be featured on Australian TV at 9:30pm AEST, Thursday 24th on Channel 10. He will be featured on "Revealed with Hugh Riminton". You can watch it after it air online by clicking this link.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ben Fogle on Restoration Island

4-9-13: Dave has just been featured on the front page of the New Republic magazine in the US in a great article by Kent Russell. You can read the article by clicking on the link below.

"This Man Moved to a Desert Island in Order to Vanish. Here's What Happened"

To all those who were moved by Ben Fogle's TV documentary "New Lives In The Wild" on Chanel 5 in the UK and the New Republic article, and want to help him in his battle to remain on the island I've set up a crowd sourcing donations page here ....

The donations go directly to Dave, and he wishes all those that make donations to know he is grateful for their help. If he reaches his goal and can buy out the owner of the head lease the island will eventually be returned to the aboriginal people of Lockhart River.


Mr. Cheyenne Morrison - The Islomaniac


What would it be like to live a Robinson Crusoe existence on a tiny tropical island? Adventurer Ben Fogle finds out for the first of a series where he stays with people who have re-made lives in remote, wild corners of the earth.

Ben Fogle's "New Lives In The Wild" on Chanel 5

Each week, Ben spends time in one of the world’s most remote locations, meeting the people who now inhabit these inhospitable corners of the planet after leaving their ordinary lives behind.

Restoration Island, Australia

Former Sydney businessman, Dave Glasheen (69) lost $10 million in a single day in the stock market crash of 1987. He and his wife separated and his home was repossessed. With his last savings, Dave bought the lease on part of Restoration Island - and it's here he's learned to live like a voluntary castaway. This real-life Robinson Crusoe and his sole companion, dog Quasi, inhabit a 100 acre volcanic island. It's a 40 minute boat-ride away from Lockhart River - the most remote indigenous Aboriginal population in Australia. Ben learns to oyster pick, brew beer, trade fish and dance with the locals in one of the world's last remaining genuine wilderness areas.

We discover a man who lost everything once, but is set to lose it again - Dave is being evicted from his island home and is doing everything he can to stay. To see the full story Click Here