Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Millionaire Castaway

Losing his fortune in the stock market crash of 1987 was the final straw for David Glasheen. After a series of catastrophes, he needed to take drastic measures to restore himself. Opting out of the rat race, he cast himself away on a deserted island off the north-eastern tip of Australia, as far off the grid as was humanly possible. He has lived there ever since.

One annual supermarket shop, a sketchy internet connection and enough ingredients for a home brew satisfy all of Dave’s material needs. He catches fish, traps rainwater and cooks on an open fire. For company he tames dingoes, meets with friends from the Lockhart River Aboriginal community 40 kilometres away, and entertains drop-ins such as Russell Crowe sailing past on his honeymoon or the chairman of McDonald’s on a game-fishing trip. Then there’s the running feud with Boxhead, an antisocial saltwater crocodile who just won’t leave him in peace.

Between heartbreak and hair-raising adventures, Dave has found happiness on Restoration Island and dreams of creating a retreat to promote the profound healing that saved his life. Dave shares his full story in his memoir The Millionaire Castaway (out August 2019 through Affirm Press). Brimming with humour, eccentricity and hard-earned wisdom, The Millionaire Castaway is the feel-good autobiography of the year.

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  1. Woooooooooow!!! What a life :) Where will be possible to buy this book?


  2. Hey Man I am about to finish and retire next week and My Dream is to do what you are doing Awesome

  3. Just heard David on ABC radio, Love his story and sounds like a genuine fella. I have been searching for my little piece of paradise all my life- not found yet. I admire David for his resilience, and determination to make his own island retreat against many challenges!

  4. How can I get in contact with David? I would love to spend some time on his island and help out. I'm really fascinated and inspired by his lifestyle.


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  6. Good Day David, I am contacting you from Vancouver BC Canada,, beautiful life you have made for yourself, I watched Documentary Channel, with my daughter Today, hope you are doing well,.You are a Man on a mission who has made a difference,we really enjoyed this segment about you. Take it easy.All Best.

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  8. Hi there, Im trying to get in touch with David does he have a phone number or email ? Ive just read his book and knew his daughter and would absolutely somehow come and visit !!

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